Episode 4, Chapter 2

Victor recounts why he studied science, and why he temporarily left the field. Key points to remember:

  1. Victor’s family stopped travelling and settled around Geneva when his mother gave birth to his younger brother.
  2. After discovering a few science books, Victor starts reading them for fun specifically enjoying the works of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.
  3. When his dad tells him reading Agrippa is a waste of time, teenage rebellion kicks in and Victor reads even more science.
  4. When a large tree is decimated on their property after a violent storm, Victor starts to understand his father’s problem with his scientific studies.

Episode 5, chapter 3 we’ll be hosting our special guest The Shredder, host of The Shred Head podcast and long time nemesis of a famous group of turtles and a talking rat. But in life, The Shredder has evolved in his interests and has shifted away from world domination. We welcome him with open arms into the world of classic literature.

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