Chapter 4, Episode 6

On this episode, Melysette reads a poem written by D.L. Holmes from his book Derailed.

D.L. Homes Derailed, Available at Amazon

Victor leaves Geneva for Inglostadt in chapter 4 Victor shares his unholy intentions as he puts himself in self-imposed exile to begin work on his creation.

Here are the key points to remember:

  1. Victor’s school work becomes the most important thing in his life
  2. Hoping to gain prestige at the university he embarks on a new experiment
  3. Deciding to resurrect a living being, he chooses to a man visiting morgues and cemeteries
  4. Consumed, Victor’s physical and mental health suffer as he’s consumed by the quest for resurrection.
  5. Victor worked making his creation enormous, around 8 feet tall, because it was easier to work with larger body parts.
  6. Ignoring the outside world, as well as his family, Victor is in a self imposed work exile with nobody to ground him.

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