Chapter 5, Episode 7 Season 1 Show Notes

Happy Birthday – Victor has created his beast and proceeds to lose his mind in Chapter 5, Episode 7.

Here’s a few key points to remember:

  1. Right after Victor’s creation comes to life, he regrets it
  2. Victor flees his apartment in fear that the beast, who doesn’t seem dangerous, may want to hurt him
  3. When he’s away from his home, he runs into Henry Clerval from Geneva who’s father agreed to also let him study at the University of Inglostadt
  4. Shortly after Victor connects with Clerval, he falls ill and is nursed back to health by his old friend
  5. No trace of Victor’s creation has been found, and the only thing Clerval asks him to do is write to his family.
  6. The chapter closes with a mysterious letter from a cousin waiting to be opened by Victor.

We also discuss the Boston Comics in Color Festival, COVID19 (due to life is being cancelled), and Melysette spontaneously bursts into song, because life is a musical and there’s nothing completely insane about doing that.

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