Frankenstein Episode II Season I, Letters from R. Walton III and IV

In this episode, I read letters III and IV from R. Walton, the latter turning into more of a journal entry. It’s in letter IV that Walton documents the bizarre indecent of seeing an enormous man riding a dog sled across the remote Russian ice. During the evening, the ice broke. In the morning, a man of average stature with left on the ice with his last remaining sled dog – clearly not the man they saw, but who is he and how did he end up in this remote part of the world? We don’t know, but through Walton’s writings, we become aware that he’s nameless and sad. Deciding only to tell his story to Walton due to the extreme weight of his guilt, this serves as a segue to Chapter I, which I’ll feature in our next episode.

Points to remember:

  1. R. Walton is driven by benevolence to help the mysterious stranger but is also desperate for a friend. He goes on to say this nameless individual has become like a brother.
  2. The letters turned into journals as Walton documented oddities for his sister Margaret. It seems more natural to keep a record than to keep sending mail. Also, Walton is a curious person, so it makes sense that he’d document these occurrences.

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